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Job Description

Application Administrator

POSITION TITLE:  Application Administrator

QUALIFICATIONS:  Bachelor's degree in business or related field.  Minimum one to three years’ experience with student and instructional information systems is required.  Experience with Comprehensive Information Management Systems (CIMS), SIS eXpress and ASPEN.  Three to four years professional or related field project leader/administrator experience preferred.  Must be proficient in MS Visio, MS Excel, database applications i.e. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC, Data Connections Wizards and/or Analysis Services), MS Word, MS PowerPoint. Two to four years of experience in information systems with specific focus on administration and coordination with technical staff.  Must be results driven and work well in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.  Must be able to take ownership of responsible area and have a clear customer focus, exceptional communication and people skills, and solid technical abilities.  Must be able to work effectively within a team of three – four Application Programmers and work independently under minimal supervision.  Must be able to explain technical concepts to non-technical persons.  Must have a strong analytical, written, oral and presentations skills, and be a self-starter with a collaborative spirit.

PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS:  Coordinates requests for data with administrative staff and technical experts to ensure data extract, transfer and loads to third party vendors in support of teachers leading to student achievement. Coordinates instructional applications with the Department of Instruction, and Executive Directors for Elementary and Secondary Schools.  Provides guidance and supervision to the SIS Service Desk agents as well as the technical trainer.  Serves as the liaison between academic and technical areas.  Monitors assigned systems to ensure they are operating normally and take action when necessary to meet defined SLA’s and keep the systems stable.  Coordinates activities with business process owners and act as a liaison with instruction and technical staff.  Performs goal management, succession planning, and other modules as added (but not limited to) system.  Work with data analyst and vendor(s) to ensure accurate content and system configuration. Supports the technical direction of systems while ensuring integration with the technical direction of other supported platform(s). Performs internal and external relationship management, including vendors, employees/management, and user-group participation. Maintains administrative security, develops ad hoc queries, and creates standard reports.  Provides day-to-day support for releasing changes, patches, and necessary updates to the operating systems, databases, and applications. Coordinates with various operations teams to manage systems backups, monitoring, performance, and 24x7 alert actions.  Plans, organizes and coordinates with school based end users, use of SIS and other systems.  Holds monthly meeting with school based SISOps/Registrar to ensure data integrity of student and teacher data for state and federal reporting purposes.  Performs other related duties.

GENERAL DEFINITION AND CONDITIONS OF WORK:  The position is in collaboration as the administrator for the Student Information System and any assigned instructional based information systems.  Work requires frequent standing, sitting, light lifting up to 10 pounds, walking, vocal communication for expressing or exchanging ideas, hearing to perceive information at a normal spoken word level and visual acuity for preparing and analyzing written or computer data.

REPORTS TO:  Manager of Data and Decision Support Services

PAY SCHEDULE: Unified Pay Schedule, Pay Grade 123

LENGTH OF CONTRACT:  260 Days (12 months)

FLSA: Exempt