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Job Description

AS400 Administrator

POSITION TITLE:  AS/400 Administrator

QUALIFICATIONS:  Certificate through a one-year IT program or an associate’s degree in a related field desired.  Extensive (3.5+ years) and current experience operating enterprise AS400/iSeries/Power7 system in a senior capacity required.  Must be well-versed in file transfer from I-series to other computer systems.  ODBC, library authority and access level establishment knowledge are required. Mass Communications management system (Parentlink) administration and Google apps administration experience are a plus but if not available will be required to learn.   VMware ESXi virtual server environments, management of Virtual Windows Servers 2008/2012, NComputing, WSUS server patching, and Active Directory user and group management experience are a plus but if not available can be taught on the job and will be required to learn.  Must adapt, with minimal or no advance notice, to changes in how business is conducted and work is accomplished.  Must have the ability to work under stress of meeting many requests and deadlines that sometimes conflict.  Must have good technical and analytical skills.  Must be able to work independently, effectively handle multiple projects and requests for assistance in an organized manner with minimum supervision.  Must have excellent customer service skills, document management skills, excellent attitude and positive work ethic.  Must have a valid Motor Vehicle Operators’ license.  Must be willing to work flexible hours, different shifts and overtime hours as required.     

PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS:  Performs as senior level talent in operating AS400/iSeries/Power7 systems and their peripherals, includes local and remote printers, input/output devices and consoles.  Assists the user community with any questions or problems pertaining to system status.  Operates all such systems within the Data Center and DR site, monitors the status of all systems and modifies status jobs within the system, performing system backups and recovery.  Initiates AS400/iSeries/Power7 command line functions to assist in quick resolution of reported problems.    Performs maintenance, cataloging and filing of storage media.  Assists users with terminal emulation (RUMBA) and printer queue creation and management. Informs users of overall system status and/or estimated time of problem resolution.  Documents operating environment and the status of data being processed for the programming staff when abnormal job termination occurs. Maintains tape library and checks logs for accuracy.  Maintains an up-to-date technical knowledge and understanding of practical computer operations and systems.  Maintains AS400/iSeries/Power7 disaster recovery site.  Resolves calls/tickets within Numara Footprints, our service request system.  Communicates information and site problems or challenges to be resolved in a clear, concise, courteous, and professional manner, and be able to provide clarification, as necessary.    Performs other job related duties.      

GENERAL DEFINITION AND CONDITIONS OF WORK: Operates AS400/iSeries/Power7 systems and their peripherals. Work requires frequent standing, sitting, light lifting up to 30 pounds occasionally, walking, vocal communication for expressing or exchanging ideas, hearing to perceive information at a normal spoken word level and visual acuity for preparing and analyzing written or computer data.

REPORTS TO:  Supervisor Technical Services

PAY SCHEDULE: Unified Pay Schedule, Pay Grade 124

LENGTH OF CONTRACT:  260 Days (12 months)

FLSA: Exempt