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Job Description


POSITION TITLE:  Audiologist

QUALIFICATIONS:  Master’s degree or Audiology Doctorate (AUD) in audiology from an accredited institution. Must have a current license in Audiology issued by the Virginia Board of Examiners for Audiology and Speech Language Pathology as well as a Hearing Aid Dealers License. Must have excellent organizational and oral and written communication skills. Must be able to work independently and to effectively handle multiple school referrals and the ability to work under minimum daily supervision. Must have good time management skills with flexibility. Must have a thorough knowledge of the principals, practices, and procedures for assessment of children age two through high school. Must have ability to effectively deliver and articulate oral presentations and written reports, ability to establish and maintain working relationships with other staff, students, and parents. Must be a team player, willing to work with other school staff and teachers. Must be proactive, resourceful, and willing to share knowledge and resources with team members. Must have an understanding of the knowledge, skills and processes for education of students with disabilities, the associated legal aspects and sensitivity to issues of diversity.

PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS:  Provides hearing assessments from age two through high school. Provides hearing aid/FM assessments to determine adequate amplification benefit. Provides auditory processing assessments per child study team referral. Provides written reports, maintains student records, assesses classroom acoustics and provides suggestions/resources/materials to teachers to improve the listening environment. Maintains assistive listening technology and makes referrals for medical intervention. Be a liaison between private agencies, home, community and the school regarding hearing needs. Distributes, adjusts, and monitor assistive listening systems to students. Performs classroom observations relative to student and provides in-service training to teachers/staff/students regarding hearing/assistive technology. Provides professional development to staff. Attends child study and IEP meetings and assists in development of IEPs. Communicates with parents, agencies and staff. Writes purchase orders for equipment needs. Represents the school system in community and professional organizations to enhance professional growth and meet the needs of students. Stays abreast of latest research and current trends in technology, assessment protocols, ear pathology, and issues related to the Education of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing by attending professional seminars/conferences, reading journals and publications. Performs other related duties.

GENERAL DEFINITION AND CONDITIONS OF WORK:  Duties performed typically in a school setting. Performs professional work providing assessment and/or training in a specialized subject. Work requires frequent standing, sitting, walking and light lifting up to 10 pounds. Effective verbal and written communication skills for expressing or exchanging ideas, hearing to perceive information at a normal spoken word level and visual acuity for preparing and analyzing written or computer data.

REPORTS TO:  Instructional Specialist – Exceptional Education

PAY SCHEDULE: Teacher Salary Schedule

LENGTH OF CONTRACT:  200 Days (9.5 months)

FLSA:  Exempt