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Job Description

Bilingual Parent and Community Liaison

POSITION TITLE:  Bilingual Parent and Community Liaison

QUALIFICATIONS:  Associate’s degree in social work, behavioral science or a related field or two years of college credits required. Bachelor’s degree is preferred. Must be bilingual. Excellent oral, written, organizational, presentation and public relations skills required. Experience with school, family and community planning activities and programs. Knowledge of and experience with Title I procedures, special needs students, English as a Second Language protocols and community-based services preferred. Must be able to develop and implement programs to involve parents and the community in the school to support student learning. Experience with Microsoft Office/Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet, Intranet and Email applications preferred. Must be willing to work a flexible schedule. Must have access to own vehicle, possession of a valid Virginia driver’s license required. Ability to work evenings and weekends to conduct parent trainings and facilitate community outreach events. Must be able to work a flexible schedule.

PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS:  Supports activities within the Department of Family and Community Engagement. Plans and implements school system parent engagement and community efforts that promotes and supports improved student learning and academic achievement, as well as advancing a culture of respect and value for diverse people in the educational process. Serves as a link between bi-lingual families, homeless families and schools. Serves as a support to parents on behalf of the student. Identifies educational, social, and cultural needs of students and their families that can be met using school, community, or other resources. Works in collaboration with school administrators and other school leaders to address ethnic and cultural barriers to success. Supports school staff in meeting the needs of diverse families, often providing or supporting with translation, interpretation and other language related services. Serves as an advocate on behalf of the student. Works collaboratively with staff from other departments and agencies. Provides family outreach for parents of students. Provides information about school system programs and services, including special education and services. Plans and presents school and parent workshops and trainings. Works with schools to promote family involvement. Provides training and facilitation of a Parent University Program. Performs other duties as assigned.

GENERAL DEFINITION AND CONDITIONS OF WORK:  Duties performed typically in school, home and various community settings. Work requires frequent standing, sitting, walking and light lifting up to 10 pounds. Effective verbal and written communication skills for expressing or exchanging ideas, hearing to perceive information at a normal spoken word level and visual acuity for preparing and analyzing written or computer data.

REPORTS TO:  Director of Student Services

PAY SCHEDULE:  Unified Pay Schedule, Pay Grade 115

LENGTH OF CONTRACT:  260 Days (12 months)

FLSA:  Non-exempt