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Job Description

Chief Academic Officer

POSITION TITLE: Chief Academic Officer

QUALIFICATIONS: Postgraduate Professional License with endorsement in one or more area; Doctorate’s degree preferred. Must possess a Postgraduate Professional Certificate with endorsement as a Superintendent within six months of start date. Ten years of successful professional educational experience including teaching, supervision, and administration. Graduate study beyond the master's degree with emphasis on curriculum, planning policy, and administration. Comprehensive knowledge of the foundation for educating students with disabilities and educational implications of various disabilities. Extensive knowledge of the principles and practices of public school administration, administrative methods and current trends in public school education. Ability to provide senior executive level instructional program leadership and management of department personnel and programs. Ability to develop effective working relationships with school administration, community, staff. Demonstrated ability in school management, budgeting, curriculum planning and development, staff development, legal matters, supervision of instruction, and personnel management. Ability to communicate with and work cooperatively with diverse groups, in school, community, and business. Knowledge of federal and state funding sources and procedures, grant programs, regulations, and laws. Demonstrated successful leadership and executive level management skills required, along with excellent research, organizational effectiveness, strategic planning, staff development and performance management.

PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS: Leads and directs administrative supervision of the overall instructional programs and services, curriculum development and implementation. Provides leadership in the areas of exceptional education to include: pupil personnel services, the disciplinary hearing office, school health services, alternative programs and truancy. Develops effective working relationships with Richmond Public Schools central office and school based staff. Able to effectively represent the District and/or the Superintendent in written, oral, or other forms of communication with internal and external constituents. Plans, directs, facilitates, and provides leadership in working with the Superintendent and others in developing and maintaining the best possible educational program and services for each student in the School Division. Identifies creative and innovative cost-effective alternatives that will improve the quality of instruction so that student achievement is measurably increased. Participates in system-wide policy development as a member of the Superintendent’s cabinet. Work will be reviewed in terms of efficient and effective instructional programs, services, and compatibility with established goals, objectives, policies, and procedures. Establishes a long-range strategic plan for the achievement of instructional goals and objectives. Oversees and monitors the development of the specific goals and objectives of the department’s sections and programs. Provides Division-wide direction, coordination, and leadership in the areas of curriculum, instruction, supervision, accountability, and educational services. Assists in the development of a strategic plan for the School Division. Establishes a schedule of program evaluation to ensure that the effectiveness of all instructional initiatives is assessed. Ensures that every child has equal access to a challenging and enriching curriculum. Supervises the preparation of reports, records, and similar documentation appropriate to the administration of the School Division and as required by the Superintendent. Submits periodic written evaluations on personnel designated by the Superintendent. Prepares a cost effective budget for the office of Superintendent of Schools and assists in reviewing all budget proposals related to the delivery of educational programs and services to the Division's students. May serve as Acting Superintendent in the absence of the Superintendent as may be requested by the Superintendent. Ensures training and support for school based planning teams in the development of effective school improvement plans and school progress reports. Assists principals in the supervision of instruction, provides support as needed, and participates in the evaluation of principals. Assists the Superintendent in the selection of ad hoc and standing committees to ensure fair representation and effective results. Supervises the implementation of the standardized testing program, the development of portfolio assessment, and the analysis of results so that teachers and principals may develop appropriate programs of instruction. Ensures that all persons involved in the educational process are accountable for their individual and shared responsibilities. Capable of leading and providing effective professional development opportunities to staff. Explains and interprets the exceptional education program goals and objectives to the staff, parents, and the public; works cooperatively with advisory boards and other organizations to enhance exceptional education services; and actively responding to parent and community concerns. Ensures the integration of program directions and procedures with other school district programs. Effectively monitors the coordination and implementation of regulatory procedural requirements district-wide so that children who require exceptional education services can be an integral part of early childhood, elementary and secondary education. Actively participates in the selection and evaluation of staff, provides an appropriate program of staff development, and actively encourages research. Maintains a comprehensive understanding of exceptional education and student services specialties, the current national trends, and the diagnostic and educational approaches in service to children with unique educational needs. Actively maintains an aggressive program to promote parent, community, school administrative staff, central office staff, and school board understanding of the significance and complexity of providing special education services and programs. Evaluation will be based on the successful achievement of established goals and objectives. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent.

GENERAL DEFINITION AND CONDITIONS OF WORK: Performs executive level leadership duties in an office environment. Work requires frequent standing, sitting, walking and light lifting up to 10 pounds. Effective verbal and written communication skills for expressing or exchanging ideas, hearing to perceive information at a normal spoken word level, and visual acuity for preparing and analyzing written or computer data.

REPORTS TO: Superintendent

PAY SCHEDULE: Unified Pay Schedule, Pay Grade 139

LENGTH OF CONTRACT: 260 Days (12 months)

FLSA: Exempt