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Job Description

Clerk of the School Board

Job Title:

Clerk of the School Board

Grade Level/Terms of Employment:

Grade 129 / 260 Day Contract

FLSA Status:


Work Location:

Central Office

Immediate Supervisor:

Chair of the School Board

General Description:
The Clerk of the School Board ensure that the School Board Chair and all Board Members have what they need to operate as a highly functional governance body for Richmond Public Schools.  The Clerk supports the Board by preparing communications and presentations, working with the administration to support policy review/communications, and performing other skilled administrative work.  The Clerk also coordinates all Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

●        Prepares correspondence, speeches, reports, and briefing documents for the Board Chair and other members, as needed

●        Supports processes related to RPS policy including review, revision, and dissemination

●        Maintains and drafts key Board documents, including the Governance Manual

●        Coordinates School Board and committee meeting agendas and maintains/distributes minutes of such meetings

●        Coordinates leadership development opportunities and professional conferences/workshops for School Board members

●        Provides the School Board with comprehensive and timely executive level assistance

●        Maintains BoardDocs and the management of the School Board budget

●        Coordinates all Freedom of Information Act requests and responses

●        Performs other related duties as assigned by the Chair of the School Board


●        Bachelor’s degree required; political science, public, educational or business administration or a related field preferred

●        Minimum of five years of experience in public school administration preferred

●        Excellent verbal and written communications skills, including presentations requiring multimedia   

●        Strong organizational skills, including a keen attention to detail

●        Knowledge of educational policy development, the administration and procedures of the local public school division

●        Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with School Board members, the Superintendent’s Leadership team, school administrators, central office staff, parents, community/business representatives and government officials

●        Bilingual/fluency in Spanish preferred