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Job Description

Custodian Crew Leader

POSITION TITLE: Custodian Crew Leader

QUALIFICATIONS: A minimum of one year of work experience as a custodian. Graduated from a certified custodial program preferred and completion of three years of high school level courses in English and mathematics. Must have the ability to provide effective supervision of a small team of custodians and accomplish all assigned custodian responsibilities. Must have good knowledge of the methods, materials and equipment used in custodial work, good knowledge of the basic operating procedures and user level trouble shooting process for heating/air conditioning equipment and how to report equipment malfunction problems. Must be able to observe and report the need for maintenance and supplies, carry out written and oral instructions, work in a cooperative manner with administrators, school staff, students and the general public. Must have sufficient strength, agility and dexterity required to perform all required tasks. Must be able to work out doors in a variety of temperatures and climate conditions. Must have basic computer knowledge and the ability to input data into an online tracking system. Must have a good attendance track record. Must have the ability exert up to 50 pounds of force occasionally, up to 20 pounds of force frequently, and a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects. During the course of the workday must be able to climb ladders, lift and reach overhead, stand, walk, push, pull, lift, grasp and complete repetitive custodian duties over extended periods of time.

PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS: Supervises and participates in the care and cleaning of the school building(s) and grounds. Monitors, trains and leads a crew of custodians and maintains employee attendance records. Ensures safe and efficient operations of the heating/air conditioning system in the building. Reports any malfunctions of systems to Plant Services using appropriate procedures. Follows oral and written instructions and carries out assignments under general supervision. Accounts for equipment and ensures the availability of supplies needed to complete all required tasks. Coordinates with the Principal or designated administrator on the status of custodial personnel and modifies assignments to ensure adequate coverage to accomplish all assigned custodial responsibilities. Coordinates with the Principal or designated administrator the use of the building for events requiring special setup, cleaning or service. Buffs, sweeps and damp mop hard material floors and vacuums carpeted areas. Ensures proper cleanliness, washes windows, fixtures, floors and walls. Disinfects, fumigates, sprays, ventilates and deodorizes building areas as needed. Empty trash receptacles of various capacities into outdoor units (dumpsters). Mows lawns, rakes leaves, shovels and clears snow from sidewalks, driveways and parking lots and performs other necessary grounds maintenance as needed. Moves, transports, delivers, stacks and shelves equipment, supplies, books and furniture as required for efficient space utilization. Transports and arranges furniture and equipment in the building for classroom use, cafeteria use, meetings, workshops, etc. Checks and secures unoccupied sections of the building and reports the presence of unauthorized persons. Checks and secures outside doors, including athletic locker room doors. Raises and lowers flags, activates fire alarm system as prescribed by policy and instructions. Supervises special scrub crews and performs other related duties as required.

GENERAL DEFINITION AND CONDITIONS OF WORK: Performs responsible unskilled work in the care, cleaning and maintenance of school buildings and supervises a scrub crew. Work is performed under regular supervision. This is light to medium work requiring the exertion of up to 50 pounds of force occasionally, up to 20 pounds of force frequently, and a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects. Work requires constant climbing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, reaching, standing, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting, grasping, and repetitive motions. Vocal communication is required for expressing or exchanging ideas. Hearing is required to perceive information at normal spoken word levels. Visual acuity is required for depth perception, operation of machines, and observing general surroundings and activities. The worker may be subjected to inside and outside environmental conditions. The worker may be exposed to blood borne pathogens and may be required to wear specialized personal protective equipment.

REPORTS TO: Principal or Designated Administrator

PAY SCHEDULE: Unified Pay Schedule, Pay Grade 105

LENGTH OF CONTRACT: 260 Days (12 months)

FLSA: Non-exempt