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Job Description

ECE Instructional Coach

Job Title:

ECE Instructional Coach

Grade Level/Terms of Employment:

Grade 123/216 Days (11 months)

FLSA Status:


Work Location:

City Hall

Immediate Supervisor:

ECE Instructional Specialist

General Description:
The Early Childhood Instructional Coach supports the development of preschool teachers and instructional assistants in preschool classrooms. The Coach supports staff in compliance with Virginia’s Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS) and other state requirements related to classroom curriculum and early learning best practices for 3–5-year olds. The Coach mentors staff using research-based coaching strategies (through professional development, resources, and direct coaching) aligned with teacher performance goals, curriculum fidelity, teacher-child interaction assessment data (CLASS), and child assessment data to foster student academic success. This is not a supervisory position and does not include evaluation of colleagues.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

●        Supports teachers to ensure instructional practices lead to school readiness in alignment with Virginia's Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS) and program school readiness goals through monitoring of lesson plans, conducting classroom observations, and providing practice-based coaching

●         Supports teachers in designing well-organized learning environments with developmentally appropriate schedules and indoor and outdoor learning experiences that provide adequate opportunities for choice, play, exploration, and experimentation

●        Works in collaboration with ECE division and school-based leadership to identify need through analysis of available data (both teacher and student data) to inform the creation and facilitation of training and support in the form of individual coaching sessions, resources, and professional learning opportunities to support individualized learning and improve teaching practices and student outcomes

●        Performs other duties as assigned

●        Baccalaureate Degree in Early Childhood Education or related field required

●        VDOE certification with an endorsement in early/primary grades

●        Ability to obtain CLASS certification; experience as a CLASS observer or trainer preferred

●        Minimum of three years’ experience as a lead preschool teacher with strong child outcomes

●        At least one year of coaching experience preferred

●        Possess training and experience in adult learning and ability to model best practices in an early childhood setting for diverse adult learners with different knowledge levels and skill sets, including designing, and facilitating professional learning experiences

●        Ability to analyze data and coach teaching staff to use data to inform instruction

●        Advanced writing and communication skills, knowledge of data analysis, and reflective leadership

●        Comprehensive knowledge of research-based curricula, assessment tools, and best practices in teacher-child interaction along with VDOE standards for early childhood education

●        Bilingual/fluency in Spanish preferred