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Job Description

Educational Consultant - Hospital Education Program

POSITION TITLE: Educational Consultant - Hospital Education Program

QUALIFICATIONS: Postgraduate professional license with endorsement in Special Education, K-12. Preference will be given to those applicants having experience with assessment and evaluation of students with chronic illness and disabilities. The successful candidate must have excellent oral and written communication skills, a working knowledge of special education regulations, IEP'S, and transition plans. Must have the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with clinic staff, departmental colleagues, hospital staff, school division and community representatives. Upon request applicants may be asked to submit a writing sample.

PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS: Assesses the student’s developmental and/or educational needs, strengths, and challenges through: administration of formal or informal measures, including standardized assessments and/or informal observation (use of an instrument or tool to measure or record data required); data collection in a setting outside the clinic (including but not limited to pre-school and school) using a written report, standardized checklists, behavior checklists, rating scales, task analysis, etc. Disseminates and interprets the results of formal and informal educational assessments that have been administered by the consultant, including recommendations, to parents, guardians, or surrogates and medical, clinical, and/or ancillary personnel. Provides home school division personnel with information that underscores the impact of the student’s medical/educational status on his or her academic functioning and attendance. Acts as a liaison between the family, the school, and the clinic. Explains the role of the educational consultant as a source of information to parents, guardians; or surrogates; school, clinic, and medical personnel; and other stakeholders. Provides parents, guardians, or surrogates, as well as clinic and ancillary personnel, with information on current educational regulations and school policies and practices that relate to the provision of services for students with special needs. Assists in the development of procedures that facilitate the gathering of background information related to the student’s school performance. Maintains current documentation with respect to permission/exchange of information from parents, guardians, or surrogates. Monitors the child’s current status and needs. Reviews records (including but not limited to previous assessments, school reports, work samples, and available school records) to determine the student’s present level of academic functioning, learning patterns, and response to established practices. Uses this information to direct further inquiry, observation, or evaluation. Provides medical and clinic personnel with insight into the student’s educational background and ongoing school performance as well as attendance. Serves as a resource to parents, schools, agencies, and the clinic. Develops appropriate recommendations based on the results of completed assessment(s). Assists with the procedure for homebound instruction. Functions as part of the clinics multidisciplinary team by supporting an interdisciplinary family-centered team approach. Generates and submits monthly statistical reports to designated VDOE representatives as required and/or developed. Maintains current, accurate, and honest records of direct service within the designated data collection systems. Perform all other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

GENERAL DEFINITION AND CONDITIONS OF WORK: Duties will be performed typically in a hospital setting. Work requires frequent standing, sitting, walking and light lifting up to 10 pounds. Effective verbal and written communication skills for expressing or exchanging ideas, hearing to perceive information at a normal spoken word level and visual acuity for preparing and analyzing written or computer data.

REPORTS TO: Director of Hospital Education

PAY SCHEDULE: Teacher Salary Schedule

LENGTH OF CONTRACT: 230 Days (11 months)

FLSA: Exempt