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Job Description

Instructional Specialist, Elementary Science

Job Title:

Instructional Specialist,

Elementary Science

Grade Level/Terms of Employment:

Grade 123, 260 days

FLSA Status:


Work Location:

RPS Division Central Office

Immediate Supervisor:

Director, Curriculum & Instruction

General Description:
The Instructional Specialist for Science K-5 provides leadership to Richmond Public Schools (RPS) efforts to advance science achievement for all students at the elementary level. The Instructional Specialist assists in developing, reviewing, and revising curriculum and assessments aligned to the Virginia Standards of Learning.  The Instructional Specialist supports teachers and administrators through professional development, coaching, and providing appropriately aligned resources to foster student academic success.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

●        Monitors the instructional program for elementary science and provides ongoing support to help teachers improve performance and achieve objectives

●        Supports teachers in ensuring the alignment of their lesson plans and instruction to the appropriate Virginia Standards of Learning and the Curriculum Framework

●        Stays abreast of the latest elementary science program trends and methodology

●        Coordinates division-wide professional development, classroom embedded professional development, and topic-specific training sessions for elementary science teachers

●        Supervises the development, implementation, and coordination of curriculum and programs in the area of science from kindergarten to 5th grade

●        Assists in establishing departmental curriculum objectives and implements a plan for the accomplishment of the objectives

●        Works with new teachers to ensure they have materials and competencies necessary for success

●        Assumes responsibility for ensuring resources and books are ordered appropriately and distributed to schools in a timely manner

●        Observes classroom science instruction regularly and provides follow-up consultation and written, non-evaluative feedback to teachers and administrators

●        Assists in the collection, review, and submission of all required information for state and federal reporting

●        Maintains a working relationship with community stakeholders

●        Stays informed regarding educational innovations and trends and implements new strategies appropriate for the division’s student population based on data

●        Coordinates the gathering, selecting, and analysis of data with respect to the program area

●        Assists in the preparation of the annual science program evaluations and budgets as required

●        Maintains clear and accurate budget expenditures in compliance with current division financial accounting procedures and procurement guidelines

●        Ensures that budget is expended appropriately and funds are used for their intended purposes

●        Takes initiative and proactively identifies opportunities to strengthen one’s team and organization

●        Models professionalism, engages in reflection, self-led continuous improvement, seeks out feedback and provides constructive feedback to colleagues

●        Performs other related duties as assigned


●        Postgraduate Professional License at the appropriate grade level spans

●        Recent successful experience as a supervisor, coach, or teacher leader of science

●        Minimum of three years of teaching science at the elementary level

●        Deep understanding of the progression of the knowledge, skills, and processes of education as defined in the Virginia Standards of Learning, specifically for elementary science

●        Deep understanding of what high-quality elementary science instruction entails, including what rigorous elementary science instruction includes

●        Demonstrated ability to lead adults to a change in instruction at a system-level, including an understanding of how to translate one’s expertise into high-quality science instruction across the division

●        Ability to lead and coach teachers in meeting the diverse needs of students, including the ability to diagnose and respond to learning gaps through differentiated instruction towards improved science instruction and student outcomes

●        Ability to analyze data at multiple levels and be able to help school leaders and teachers use these data to improve instruction and ultimately increase academic performance

●        Must have comprehensive knowledge of child growth and development, large and small group instructional strategies, and the theory and pedagogy related to elementary science instruction

●        Outstanding interpersonal and team work skills; ability to work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders

●        Strong organizational skills, including keen attention to detail and ease at managing competing demands and determining priorities independently

●        Experience working in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment; adaptable when managing multiple, shifting priorities; comfortable with ambiguity

●        Excellent verbal and written communication skills; ability to communicate complex ideas simply and succinctly

●        Bilingual/fluency in Spanish preferred