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Job Description

Manager, Grant Monitoring and Compliance - CARES-ESSER-ARP

Job Title:

Manager, Grant Monitoring & Compliance (CARES/ESSER/ARP)

Grade Level/Terms of Employment:

260 Days (Grade 130/12 months)

FLSA Status:


Work Location:

Grant Monitoring & Compliance

Immediate Supervisor:

Director, Grant Monitoring & Compliance

General Description:
The Manager, Grant Monitoring & Compliance (CARES, ESSER, ARP) collaborates with various departments within the division to align federal stimulus grants with division needs. The Manager conducts regular meetings with internal stakeholders to discuss allowable expenditures, timeliness of those expenditures, and the process by which the division must operate in order to be in compliance with state and federal guidelines and regulations.  The manager meets with Local Education Agency (LEA) and State Education Agency (SEA) officials to further the monitoring of execution of grant awards.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

·         Monitors the expenditure and reimbursement process of the CARES/ESSER/ARP grants, ensuring programmatic and budgetary compliance

·         Monitors and assists in the supervision and preparation of federal grant amendments

·         Creates and delivers presentations to clearly communicate grant award status to promote timely expenditures and compliance with state and federal regulations

·         Gathers and analyzes data and to create informative fiscal reports for CARES/ESSER/ARP

·         Leads, supervises and evaluates direct reports

·         Participates in technical assistance offered by VDOE and USED

·         Performs other related duties as assigned


·         Bachelor’s Degree in finance, accounting, business administration, education or related field

·         Four years of experience in the development and/or administration of federal grants for an educational institution

·         Experience leading a team/staff members preferred

·         Detail oriented to assist with the monitoring of federal grant awards

·         Excellent oral and written communication skills

·         Bilingual/fluency in Spanish preferred