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Lead with Love


Love is ensuring rigorous instruction in every class, every day. We’re looking for principals who spend most of their time in classrooms, supporting teachers in holding high expectations for all students and ensuring rigorous instruction in every class, every day. And as an RPS principal, you’ll receive ongoing differentiated coaching and support to grow your instructional leadership as part of a cohort based learning community.

Love is embracing the whole child. We’re looking for principals who are committed to developing safe and loving school cultures and thinking holistically about how to best serve all our children. This means things like providing opportunities for diverse experiences that spark our students’ passions – the arts, music, languages, and sports - to implementing trauma-informed practices when needed. We also work in close partnership with families to ensure each child reaches their full potential.

Love is ensuring equity. Public education must be about more than just good instruction; it must be about creating a more equitable society. We’re looking for principals who fight inequity wherever it exists, and do whatever is necessary to ensure that all children – especially those who face the greatest challenges in their lives – achieve at the highest levels. Whether it’s guaranteeing access to AP classes for all students in our high schools, or using restorative justice over suspension, we work to close opportunity gaps and dismantle institutional biases that disadvantage our students.

Are you ready to lead with love?

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