Technology Support

  • All RPS technology devices, including Chromebooks, hotspots, tablets, and laptops should be returned to your school with the exception of those attending summer school. Click here to learn more.

    The Mobile Help Desk is closed for the summer. Additional technology support for summer school can be found at your school.

    Make sure to visit our RPS Tech website for more information and technology support resources! For help with logging into your device and Google Classroom, you can also watch help sessions posted to our Facebook page. Check out the videos here! Students who have technical issues are encouraged to email The Technology Services team will address issues remotely as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many Chromebooks and Wi-Fi hotspots has RPS distributed thus far?

    Over the spring and summer, RPS distributed approximately 16,000 Chromebooks and 6,000 Wi-Fi hotspots.

    Will every RPS students, regardless of economic need, be receiving a Chromebook?

    Yes. Having all of our students on the same device will make it easier for students, families, and teachers, as we will be able to standardize our tech support and instructional training. In addition, having all devices on our “console” means we can easily push out software updates to all devices. Finally, all RPS devices are pre-loaded with internet security software, which will help protect our students while online.

    Are RPS students required to use an RPS Chromebook or can they use their own device if they prefer?

    If a family wishes to use another device, they may do so. Please understand, however, that alternative devices may create technical challenges that we may not be able to expeditiously solve.

    If a family still needs a hotspot, what should they do? 

    Any family that did not come to one of the technology distribution days the spring/early summer will receive a call from their school to review their technology needs. If a family does not receive a call by August 15, they should contact their school directly.

    How will RPS help families who are not familiar with Chromebooks or hotspots?

    RPS will be holding a series of technology trainings over the coming weeks. All of the details will be posted to the #ReopenWithLove section of our website. In addition, families can call our Family Support Line (804-780-6195) for tech support.

    Will teachers be provided with a laptop if they did not initially receive one when they started? Or if the one they have is not functioning properly?

    Yes. We recently sent a technology survey to the RPS email accounts of all teachers. We encourage everyone to complete this survey as soon as possible so we can order the necessary devices. 

    Will teachers be provided with a Wi-Fi hotspot if they do not have access to the Internet? 

    Yes. Teachers can note this need in the technology survey.

    Will other staff receive Chromebooks and/or Wi-Fi hotspots?

    Yes. Some staff that do not typically receive devices will receive them so that they can perform their duties virtually.   For example, instructional assistants will receive a Chromebook to support online learning and nurses will receive a laptop to conduct virtual health check ins with students.  Managers will speak with staff about technology needs for remote work.  All staff can receive a Wi-Fi hotspot if they do not have access to the Internet in their home (or their Internet is spotty).

    What sort of technical support will be available to students and staff during the virtual semester?

    We have a team of school-based Instructional Technology Resource Teachers (ITRTs) who will be providing support to staff and students throughout our virtual semester. In addition, we are increasing the number of staff working our Technology Help Desk and planning to expand the number of locations for our Mobile Tech Support.

    Some of my Chromebook's keys have stopped working or I have received an error stating my internet is being blocked by the administrator.

    Please complete a hard reset. To complete a hard restart on your Chromebook, first power off the Chromebook. Then press the arrow-in-a-circle key (refresh key) from the top row of keys and keep this pressed while you power "on" the Chromebook. When you see the white screen appear, let go of the refresh key and have login as usual. This should reset the device. See the image below: