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Community Partnerships

Partner with Richmond Public Schools!

Thank you for your interest in supporting Richmond Public Schools! We strongly believe that we will only be successful through deep partnerships with families and the community. This is why our 2018-2023 Strategic Plan, Dreams4RPS, was carefully crafted based on direct feedback from more than 170 public meetings throughout the community.

As part of the RPS Office of Engagement, the Community Partnerships team strives to leverage partner support by serving as a doorway for organizations and individuals interested in helping us make Dreams4RPS a reality for our students. There are a number of ways to engage with us - get started below!

Community Partnership Database

This database represents both organizations who have a formal Partnership Agreement with RPS, as well as organizations that provide volunteers, donations, and other services for the benefit of RPS students but may not require a formal Partnership Agreement. The database includes only partners who have agreed to make their information public. We thank all of our community partners for their service to our students!

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Get added to our searchable Partnership Database, and/or inquire about a new Partnership, Grant, and/or Research Opportunity

If you are interested in a formal partnership with RPS or are requesting a grant or funding for research, please click here and fill out our partnership form.

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Volunteer or Provide In-Kind Services

Whether you’d like to volunteer as an individual or as part of a group, regularly or just once in a while, we’ve got opportunities for everyone who wants to support our Strategic Plan, Dreams4RPS, to make RPS the best we can be!

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Donate Items, Space, Finances

Support RPS is anyway you'd like - donations of items, space, time, or money are always helpful and appreciated. Somewhere for our young leaders of the Student Advisory Council to hold monthly meetings, helping stock up our teacher school supply store, or larger services your business could provide are some examples, just to name a few.

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