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RPS Advocacy Priorities

RPS advocates for policy change, resources and investments needed to ensure the success of our students, staff, and schools. Advocacy for our community now, is advocacy for a better future. Our strategic plan, Dreams4RPS, illuminates the 5 core priorities which we believe to be the most pressing matters in fortifying access to an exceptional education. We encourage you to review Dreams4RPS, our Legislative Agenda, and Policy Positions to learn more about how we structure our goals and the specific ways that we believe, as a community, should be investing in our students and staff.

Advocacy Resources

Advocacy & Policy Organizations

There are several educational advocacy and policy organizations that work to increase funding and access to quality education. Below are just some that we recommend you learn more about!

The Council of the Great City Schools

The Council of the Great City Schools (CGCS) brings together 76 of nation’s largest urban public school systems in a coalition dedicated to the improvement of education for children in the inner cities. The Council keeps the nation’s lawmakers, the media, and the public informed about the progress and problems in big-city schools. The organization does this through legislation, communications, research, and technical assistance.

The Commonwealth Institute

The Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis provides credible, independent and accessible information and analyses of fiscal and economic issues with particular attention to the impacts on low- and moderate-income persons.

Voices for Virginia's Children

Founded in 1994, Voices for Virginia’s Children is the commonwealth’s only independent, multi-issue child policy and advocacy organization.