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Community Hubs

To deepen our connections and partnership with families and community partners, RPS has “Community Hubs” around the city!

East End:

Henry Marsh Elementary

Bellevue Elementary


Southside Community Center

Bellemeade Community Center

Northside/West End:

Randolph Community Center

John Marshall High School

What are Community Hubs?

Community Hubs are community-based spaces where we meet families’ needs, build their strengths, and support ongoing advocacy to inform our divisions’ programs and policies. They are designed to serve families and students from a person-centered approach, meeting people where they are based on their location and needs. Community Hubs increase our capacity to increase positive and personal communication between the family and the school. 

Community Hubs are centered around helping families build protective factors that when present, improve family health and wellbeing. They also recognize that truancy is a community-wide concern and must be addressed with community stakeholders working alongside RPS staff.

Why are Community Hubs important?

Thirty years of research has consistently linked family involvement to higher student achievement, better attitudes toward school, lower dropout rates, increased attendance, and many other positive outcomes for students, families, and schools (Henderson & Mapp, 2002). Consistent and constant personal communication between the family and the school is imperative. Thus, to drastically improve responses to engagement efforts across the division, we are employing a cohesive and aligned approach to best serve student needs and root causes of absenteeism.

We believe that our communities already have the assets and power they need for improvement. It is our goal to tap into this power and work to increase additional supports and resources for improvement and sustainability.

Community Hub Locations