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Driver's Education

Did you know that your High School student can take the DMV Learner's Permit test at their school now?!

Email to inquire about the Learners Permit test at your school! 

Pay for your driving lessons onlinePlease note: there is a $210 Behind the Wheel Instruction Fee. 

To prepare for testing, be sure to check out the Practice Tests available at DMVNOW.

What you need to know

Licensing Requirements / Virginia State Law

  • Must be 16 years and 3 months old. 
  • Must have learner's permit for 9 months.
  • Must complete Driver Education Theory (36 hours)
  • At least 7 certified driver education lessons for observation and driving
  • Must have 45 hours guided practice driving (15 hours at night). This must be logged and certified by a parent.
  • Must pass all 4 phases of Driver Education.
  • Upon completion of the above the teacher will issue a 180-day temporary license.
  • Must appear in court during the 180-day period to receive permanent license from the judge.

Class Requirements

Richmond City Schools offers a Driver Education curriculum in 3 phases:

  • Classroom

  • Range
  • On Road (Behind the Wheel)

Please note: Each phase must be passed in order for a student to become licensed. Also there will be a $ 200.00 fee for the behind the wheel phase. This fee must be paid to your simulator teacher or range coordinator before being schedule for the behind the wheel


The safety of everyone involved is our first concern. We will create a safe learning environment. The most important component of being a safe driver is responsibility. It is our responsibility to identify those students that we feel demonstrate the responsible behavior necessary to safely operate a vehicle.

The following procedures will be effect to ensure that the student license can become safe drivers:

  • Attend class regularly. Excessive absences will not allow students to meet state requirements. (Upon going over the maximum absences allowed students will not receive a license.)
  • Conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all times. (Any student who shows a pattern of irresponsible behavior can be removed from the program.) It should be understood that the final decision in allowing a student to drive rests with the parents.
  • Please sign and return this to school and feel free to contact us at any time at (804)780-6142

Contact Info

Talk to your Driver Education Teacher or 
Email us to Schedule a test at or (804)780-6142

Driving Range
2120 Fendall Ave.
Richmond Va 23222