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Exceptional Education

Richmond Public Schools offers the full range of special education and related services for our students with disabilities. 

  • Through collaborative partnerships with parents, educators, and the community, the Office of Exceptional Education supports the implementation of a rigorous curriculum for a diverse student body such that all students are positive contributors in a global society.
  • Through professional development, training, and technical assistance, the Office of Exceptional Education strives to provide a continuum of services to ensure all students have a quality education that meets their unique needs; and prepares them to be productive, contributing members of a global society

The IEP team decides the goals to be addressed and the accommodations and services to be provided. As a result of IEP team decisions, many of our students spend all or part of the day in general education with supports as defined by their IEP. Students with more intensive support needs may receive instruction for part of the day in a special education setting. Related services, such as speech and occupational therapy, are provided in a variety of environments, including special education classrooms and general education classrooms

Understanding Special Education

Family Engagement Sessions

We invite you to join the Office of Exceptional Education's Family Engagement Lunch & Learn Sessions! All sessions are for 1 hour and begin at 1:00 pm. Please use the links below to join the discussion!

April 28, 2022
Pathways to Graduation
Join the Discussion

May 26, 2022
Assistive Technology Consideration in Special Education
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Dyslexia Advisory

Dyslexia is often characterized by difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding (reading) abilities. These difficulties typically result from a deficit in the phonological component of language and impacts effective classroom instruction. 

Click here for further details and resources

Transition Planning

The goal of transition planning is to support students with disabilities as they progress through school and prepare for life as an adult. Including planning for college, work, transportation, living arrangements, health care, and daily living. 

Click Here for a closer look at transition goals and programs

Family Resources

Procedure Safeguards
Guidance about your family's special education rights.
English - Spanish - Arabic - Farsi - Korean - Vietnamese - Urdu - Chinese

Parent's Guide to Special Education
Guide to help parents understand their rights and responsibilities, their child's rights and the school's responsibilities to meet the special needs of their child.
English - Spanish


Exceptional Education
301 North Ninth Street
13th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219-1927
Phone: (804) 780-7911
Alternate Phone: (804) 664-7368
Fax: (804)780-6869

Renesha Parks,
Director of Exceptional Education

Dr. Rossi Volley,
Associate Director of Exceptional Education 
Tikisha White,
Coordinator of Systems & Processes
Phone: 804-551-2003
Dr. Sharon Woodson,
Elementary Coordinator
Phone: (804) 664-4690
Jennifer Romero,
Secondary Coordinator
Phone: (804) 773-0086
Rebecca Ceja,
Intensive Support Coordinator
Phone: (804) 773-0470