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Early Childhood Special Education

ECSE student smiling with her mom

Preschool-aged children from ages two (whose birthday falls on or before September 30) through five with a disability may be eligible for Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE). A child is found eligible for special education and related services on an individual basis through a referral/eligibility process. The long-term goal for preschool-aged children is for them to be as ready as possible to enter kindergarten.

The ECSE program provides a variety of service delivery options to educate children 2-5 years of age who have a delay or disability such as: home-based, self-contained, inclusion, and integrative services. If a child is found eligible for school services, they will be placed at one of the RPS preschool centers (Maymont, Mary Scott, MLK, Blackwell, Summer Hill) or in a classroom at a satellite elementary school (Oak Grove, Bellevue, Southampton, Miles Jones).

The ECSE Program