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Career & Technical Education

We provide opportunities for students to become productive and successful members of the community.

In order for students to become successful and productive members of society they must learn to earn. Career and Technology Education prepares students for the world of work, post-secondary education and success in their personal endeavors and relationships. CTE is an integral part of the total education program in Richmond Public Schools. Program offerings in CTE are open to all students in RPS. 


  • Improving academic and technical competencies of students
  • Preparing students for the world of work, post secondary educational training and to make career choices
  • Survey the labor market needs and prepare students accordingly
  • Preparing students for industry certification/licensure
  • Preparing students to manage their personal and business affairs
  • Producing well-trained well-educated employees
  • Establish partnerships with the community, post secondary education, business, and industry
  • Provide students with comprehensive career counseling and advising service


Image of CTE and Division leadership at CTE business partners breakfast

Contact Us! 

Career & Technical Education
2020 Westwood Ave
Richmond, VA 23230
Phone: 804-780-6472
Fax: 804-780-7605

Rhonda Turner,
Career and Technical Education Manager

Gail Martin,
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 804-780-7762