RPS Lit Limo Mobile Book Distribution Information

  • Bus Every child who visits the Lit Limo will receive a book of their own, be able to participate in a read aloud, and sign up for a Richmond Public Library card.

    • Delivery Monday - Friday
    • Available for children 0 to 18
    • Receive a book with every visit for your home library
    • Literacy Tip sheets will be available for guardians

    Don't forget to follow the Lit Limo on Twitter & Instagram to keep up with all of the exciting adventures!

    If you are interested in donating books, reach out to Judy Deichman at jdeichma@rvaschools.net!

Google Map of Lit Limo Scheduled Stops

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Download the Lit Limo Schedules

  • Lit Limo Schedule

    Lit Limo Schedule