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Curriculum & Instruction

Educational continuity across all schools creates a seamless educational experience for all students.

The Department of Curriculum & Instruction supports student learning through the development of district curriculum, the administration of state and district assessments, and the promotion of teacher learning and professional growth. The work of the Department of C&I is anchored by the RPS' primary goal: increased student achievement through cohesive curriculum. 
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We envision a vibrant culture of literacy that cultivates a joy for reading, writing, and learning and inspires stakeholders to contribute to and participate in the overall success of our students.

We strive to ensure that all RPS students will be reading on grade-level in 3rd grade and all RPS graduates will have the reading, writing and communication skills to be college, civic, and career ready.

Access the RPS Literacy Plan to learn more.

Learning Targets

Learning targets are the foundation of a student-engaged assessment system. 

Learning targets provide a clear vision of the intended learning and are tracked carefully by students and teachers. 

Because they are written for and owned by students who strive to say, “I can…”, they are an essential ingredient in the engaged part of student-engaged assessment. 

Read "Why learning targets?" to learn more.

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Strategic Support

We collaborate with schools to provide strategic instructional support.

Meaningful Learning
All students are engaged in content aligned to the appropriate standards and experiences for their subject and grade.

Culture of Learning
All students are continuously engaged in the work of the lesson.

Evidence of Learning
All students demonstrate that they are learning.

Ownership of Learning
All students are responsible for doing the thinking in the classroom.

Access the RPS Instructional Vision Statement Document to learn more. 

Contact Information

Curriculum and Instruction
Cassandra Bell, Director
2120 Fendall Ave.
Richmond, VA 23222

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